7 Gifts Your Mom Will Go Nuts For

by Leeor Pilo in

Mother’s Day is coming and many of us are scrambling to find that perfect gift. It’s crazy to think that after all our mothers do for us, they only get one day out of the year where we treat them in return. But how do we find a gift that exemplifies our love and gratitude? Oh come on, you know you were a hellish teen to deal with.

Although no gift can match the selflessness our mothers continuously show us in their love, (nothing says “Thank you for giving me life and putting up with me.”), hopefully these gifts along with a personal vow to always show Mom our appreciation will do:

1. Viajero Tote, $168, Anthropologie Let’s face it, moms need to carry a lot on their person. Help Mom stay organized with a stylish tote that is both functional and fashionable. (Try to resist borrowing it though.)

2. Lovewraps (set of four), $50, Vylet Collections Need I say more? The love is in the name! Wrap your mom in love with this simple set that she can mix and match daily. These bracelets are so easy to wear, they’re bound to become part of her signature look. Bonus, every time she looks down at her wrist she’s reminded of your love! Now how cool is that?

3. Verso Time Reverse Series Set, $200, Anthropologie Get Mom glowing with this indulgent and rejuvenating facial set. Complete with cleanser, day cream, and night cream, each item contains Retinol 8 to activate the skin’s natural collagen production. Translation? A healthy, more youthful complexion.

4. Performance Pilates Class Gift Card, Potomac Pilates If you live in the DC area you need to check out this pilates studio! What better way to celebrate with Mom than a fun and energizing reformer pilates class that you can do together? Plus they have three studios in Washington DC and Chevy Chase! Cue the mother-daughter bonding! In all seriousness, this is exactly what I plan on doing with my mother this Sunday and I can’t wait!

5. Hanging Bubble Terrarium, $28, Terrain Trendy yes but terrariums are beautiful, fun to create, and add so much zen to any interior space. The best part is she doesn’t need a green thumb to keep these babies alive, they’re very low maintenance.

6. Sophie Rose Bracelet, $36, Vylet Collections This elegant gold vermeil rose chain will become your mother’s new favorite accessory. Plated in sterling silver and brushed in 24k gold, this little trinket promises years of beautiful wear. Give Mom this good luck charm that is just as lovely as she is.

7. Pavolovas with Strawberries, Vanilla Cream, & Basil Coulis If you want to impress Mom this Mother's Day, and you know you’re way around the kitchen, you must give this recipe a try! Fresh yet decadent, this sophisticated dessert is definitely something she’ll want to sink her teeth into. And it's SO pretty too!