Idle Hands are the Devil's Playthings

by Leeor Pilo in

So I put my hands to work. I was an anxious breed, in 2012 my same old routine had me stuck in a rut and I embodied zero passion. Insecure, unsure, just plain awful. The only way I found relief was when I focused on a specific task that allowed me to escape from it all. So I started making jewelry.

I’ve always been creative; it just wasn’t until that year that I realized I needed to be in order to feel sane. To ease my mind, I’d sit in my living room and toy with leather and thread while semi-watching Law & Order: SVU reruns. It wasn’t about the finished product really; I just enjoyed the process. Plus, adding to my already extensive jewelry collection? I was game.

The first ever Vylet Collections post on Instagram.

The first ever Vylet Collections post on Instagram.

I wore my designs to work and my colleagues began asking for bracelets of their own. Orders began flooding in and soon I started to feel like the office fairy, making bracelet deliveries at each and every desk.        

“You brought gifts!” They’d squeal, and that was when I got hooked.

The joy they felt as I made my rounds was unbelievably flattering. And to learn that something I created to find my happiness brought others happiness? Amazing doesn’t even cut it.

Moved by all the love, I launched into work mode-- designing new jewelry, building a website, and setting up shop on Etsy. I realized what inspired me the most was that warm fuzzy feeling I’d get every time I’d make another delivery and that’s what Vylet Collections is all about. Each of my bracelets represents a close friend or a fond memory—each piece of jewelry I design is a reflection of love. I put my heart into it and wanted my wearers to feel it too. When they did, I knew I was onto something.

Made with love for the ones you love. Vylet Collections.