6 Style Combos To Make Your Summer A Whole Lot Cooler

by Leeor Pilo in ,

Ah summer, a season full of sunny days, breezy nights, salty air and sun tan lotion. What's not to love?! Summer also brings with it easy fashion and jewelry that is so effortless and chic, one can take a whole new approach to style. My favorite look to rock in the summer is laid back and slightly bohemian that conveys a "I woke up like this" attitude. Think maxi dresses with stacks and stacks of bracelets, or beachy hair, ripped jeans and a statement necklace-- jewelry can add so much personality to any outfit!

So I pulled together six different looks that every girl, whether girly or grungy can appreciate. With these summer combos, you'll be the coolest girl at the party (without looking like you tried!)

This sassy little halter top screams party girl! So have fun with it, add some pops of color by donning on stacks and stacks of Vylet Collections Anwar Bracelets and finish it off with The Lily Ring. The bright color combinations of the Anwar Bracelets add a playful element to this look-- and add sparkle What party girl doesn't want to shine?!

Be the belle of the ball-- (or summer barbecue) with this über girly pick. I wanted to play up the femininity of the Kaja Dress by Anthropologie, by pairing it with items equally as delicate and charming. The Vylet Collections Sophie Rose Bracelet and Lovewrap in white match nicely. Together, these bracelets add subtle elegance and grace to any summer dress.

I love how the bright colors and delicate designs of the Vylet Collections Lovewraps, balance the simple yet grungy Free People tank. The black Vylet Collections Bermuda Studs add an edge to this looks which makes it an easy combination you can wear anywhere from the beach to a music festival.

Flirty and feminine-- this outfit by Madewell is girly and sweet yet laid back. Accessorizing with rocker-chic jewelry like the Vylet Collections Arizona Bracelet and Romeo Bracelet adds a surprising twist to this look and heightens the coolness-factor a notch or two.

For the girl who loves to make a statement in a totally understated way-- I am loving this clean design by Zara. The boldness of this look is that it's so simple! So not to overbear, just accessorize with an equally modern design like the Vylet Collections Geo Bracelet. I love how the combination of the silver and gold metallics, complements the modernitiy of this dress! 

I know ripped jeans aren't for everyone-- but they should be! Ideally, of course the best jeans are the ones that are ripped up on adventures and from natural wear and tear, but these will do. They look pretty authentic to me! To match the rugged nature of this pair and to add a little texture, I paired them with the Vylet Collections H St Necklace. To add a little refinement, the neutral colors of the Vylet Collections Anwar Bracelet in Cement/Rose soften the look while adding a little sparkle.