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Tis the season for last minute gift shopping & great deals. It's no secret that I juggle my roles as a jewelry designer and entrepreneur with Pilates enthusiast and instructor. Potomac Pilates, my home away from home will be hosting two Vylet Collections Trunk Shows at their Wisconsin Place location, in Chevy Chase, MD on:

Saturday, December 13th, 9AM to 12PM

Wednesday, December 17th, 10:15AM to 1:00PM

A 20% discount will be applied to all sales, AND an internet promo code will be offered to those who attend.

Treat yourself and get your sweat on at Potomac Pilates and purchase some last minute Vylet Collection trinkets for your friend, sister, daughter, even yourself! Made with love for the ones you love.

About Potomac Pilates: Potomac Pilates is a premier Washington DC-based Pilates studio that provides challenging and rejuvenating reformer Pilates classes in an intimate and inspiring setting. Their mission is to provide an upscale fitness experience in an inspiring and accessible way and to nurture and tone every client's mind and body. One breath. One Exercise. One Pilates class at a time.

Vylet Collections in Hawaii

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Aloha! When someone as beautiful as Summer Nakasato, a born and raised Hawaiian babe who knows how to work it for the camera, takes pictures with your jewelry-- you know the end result is going to be stunning.

I've always loved warm and tropical destinations, there is something about the ocean that fills my soul! Mermaid hair, salty skin, and beach life is what puts a smile on my face so when Summer reached out to me for a collaboration, I knew she was my girl!

Check out some of her amazing photos below:

 Summer is wearing the  Geo Wrist to Ring Bracelet in Two-Tone , the  Lovewrap  in Orange and the  Anwar Bracelet  in Teal.

Summer is wearing the Geo Wrist to Ring Bracelet in Two-Tone, the Lovewrap in Orange and the Anwar Bracelet in Teal.

Featured on Simply Nicole-- simple, chic, healthy living blog!

by Leeor Pilo

Happy Friday All! We're thrilled to announce that we've been featured on Simply Nicole's Friday Favorites as her favorite product of the week. (Yay!)

Based out of Philadelphia, PA, Simply Nicole is a blog dedicated to bringing its readers tips on living a simple, chic, and healthy lifestyle. We love her honest reviews, yummy recipes, helpful tips, and more.

She loves our little lovewraps as much as we do and who can blame her! To read her review, click HERE and for more great tips, follow her blog!



What's Inspiring Vylet Collections This Week

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Summer, summer, summer. It's officially June and the Vylet Collections Summer 2014 Lookbook is just around the corner. Ah! I can't wait to see our gorgeous models decked out in stackable bohemian bracelets, layering necklaces, gypsy stylings, Vylet jewelry and more. So what's inspiring me for the shoot? Keep on scrolling to find out! 

 Source: Ettika

Source: Ettika

 Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

6 Style Combos To Make Your Summer A Whole Lot Cooler

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Ah summer, a season full of sunny days, breezy nights, salty air and sun tan lotion. What's not to love?! Summer also brings with it easy fashion and jewelry that is so effortless and chic, one can take a whole new approach to style. My favorite look to rock in the summer is laid back and slightly bohemian that conveys a "I woke up like this" attitude. Think maxi dresses with stacks and stacks of bracelets, or beachy hair, ripped jeans and a statement necklace-- jewelry can add so much personality to any outfit!

So I pulled together six different looks that every girl, whether girly or grungy can appreciate. With these summer combos, you'll be the coolest girl at the party (without looking like you tried!)

This sassy little halter top screams party girl! So have fun with it, add some pops of color by donning on stacks and stacks of Vylet Collections Anwar Bracelets and finish it off with The Lily Ring. The bright color combinations of the Anwar Bracelets add a playful element to this look-- and add sparkle What party girl doesn't want to shine?!

Be the belle of the ball-- (or summer barbecue) with this über girly pick. I wanted to play up the femininity of the Kaja Dress by Anthropologie, by pairing it with items equally as delicate and charming. The Vylet Collections Sophie Rose Bracelet and Lovewrap in white match nicely. Together, these bracelets add subtle elegance and grace to any summer dress.

I love how the bright colors and delicate designs of the Vylet Collections Lovewraps, balance the simple yet grungy Free People tank. The black Vylet Collections Bermuda Studs add an edge to this looks which makes it an easy combination you can wear anywhere from the beach to a music festival.

Flirty and feminine-- this outfit by Madewell is girly and sweet yet laid back. Accessorizing with rocker-chic jewelry like the Vylet Collections Arizona Bracelet and Romeo Bracelet adds a surprising twist to this look and heightens the coolness-factor a notch or two.

For the girl who loves to make a statement in a totally understated way-- I am loving this clean design by Zara. The boldness of this look is that it's so simple! So not to overbear, just accessorize with an equally modern design like the Vylet Collections Geo Bracelet. I love how the combination of the silver and gold metallics, complements the modernitiy of this dress! 

I know ripped jeans aren't for everyone-- but they should be! Ideally, of course the best jeans are the ones that are ripped up on adventures and from natural wear and tear, but these will do. They look pretty authentic to me! To match the rugged nature of this pair and to add a little texture, I paired them with the Vylet Collections H St Necklace. To add a little refinement, the neutral colors of the Vylet Collections Anwar Bracelet in Cement/Rose soften the look while adding a little sparkle.

Why You Should Buy From An Artist

by Leeor Pilo

"When buying from an artist/maker, you're buying more than just an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation. You are buying days, weeks, and months of frustration and moments of pure joy. You aren't just buying a thing. You're buying a piece of heart, a part of a soul, a moment of someone's life. Most importantly, you are buying the artist more time to do something they are passionate about, to make more of what they love and hopefully you love in return." -- Unknown

7 Gifts Your Mom Will Go Nuts For

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Mother’s Day is coming and many of us are scrambling to find that perfect gift. It’s crazy to think that after all our mothers do for us, they only get one day out of the year where we treat them in return. But how do we find a gift that exemplifies our love and gratitude? Oh come on, you know you were a hellish teen to deal with.

Although no gift can match the selflessness our mothers continuously show us in their love, (nothing says “Thank you for giving me life and putting up with me.”), hopefully these gifts along with a personal vow to always show Mom our appreciation will do:

1. Viajero Tote, $168, Anthropologie Let’s face it, moms need to carry a lot on their person. Help Mom stay organized with a stylish tote that is both functional and fashionable. (Try to resist borrowing it though.)

2. Lovewraps (set of four), $50, Vylet Collections Need I say more? The love is in the name! Wrap your mom in love with this simple set that she can mix and match daily. These bracelets are so easy to wear, they’re bound to become part of her signature look. Bonus, every time she looks down at her wrist she’s reminded of your love! Now how cool is that?

3. Verso Time Reverse Series Set, $200, Anthropologie Get Mom glowing with this indulgent and rejuvenating facial set. Complete with cleanser, day cream, and night cream, each item contains Retinol 8 to activate the skin’s natural collagen production. Translation? A healthy, more youthful complexion.

4. Performance Pilates Class Gift Card, Potomac Pilates If you live in the DC area you need to check out this pilates studio! What better way to celebrate with Mom than a fun and energizing reformer pilates class that you can do together? Plus they have three studios in Washington DC and Chevy Chase! Cue the mother-daughter bonding! In all seriousness, this is exactly what I plan on doing with my mother this Sunday and I can’t wait!

5. Hanging Bubble Terrarium, $28, Terrain Trendy yes but terrariums are beautiful, fun to create, and add so much zen to any interior space. The best part is she doesn’t need a green thumb to keep these babies alive, they’re very low maintenance.

6. Sophie Rose Bracelet, $36, Vylet Collections This elegant gold vermeil rose chain will become your mother’s new favorite accessory. Plated in sterling silver and brushed in 24k gold, this little trinket promises years of beautiful wear. Give Mom this good luck charm that is just as lovely as she is.

7. Pavolovas with Strawberries, Vanilla Cream, & Basil Coulis If you want to impress Mom this Mother's Day, and you know you’re way around the kitchen, you must give this recipe a try! Fresh yet decadent, this sophisticated dessert is definitely something she’ll want to sink her teeth into. And it's SO pretty too!



Idle Hands are the Devil's Playthings

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So I put my hands to work. I was an anxious breed, in 2012 my same old routine had me stuck in a rut and I embodied zero passion. Insecure, unsure, just plain awful. The only way I found relief was when I focused on a specific task that allowed me to escape from it all. So I started making jewelry.

I’ve always been creative; it just wasn’t until that year that I realized I needed to be in order to feel sane. To ease my mind, I’d sit in my living room and toy with leather and thread while semi-watching Law & Order: SVU reruns. It wasn’t about the finished product really; I just enjoyed the process. Plus, adding to my already extensive jewelry collection? I was game.

 The first ever Vylet Collections post on  Instagram .

The first ever Vylet Collections post on Instagram.

I wore my designs to work and my colleagues began asking for bracelets of their own. Orders began flooding in and soon I started to feel like the office fairy, making bracelet deliveries at each and every desk.        

“You brought gifts!” They’d squeal, and that was when I got hooked.

The joy they felt as I made my rounds was unbelievably flattering. And to learn that something I created to find my happiness brought others happiness? Amazing doesn’t even cut it.

Moved by all the love, I launched into work mode-- designing new jewelry, building a website, and setting up shop on Etsy. I realized what inspired me the most was that warm fuzzy feeling I’d get every time I’d make another delivery and that’s what Vylet Collections is all about. Each of my bracelets represents a close friend or a fond memory—each piece of jewelry I design is a reflection of love. I put my heart into it and wanted my wearers to feel it too. When they did, I knew I was onto something.

Made with love for the ones you love. Vylet Collections.